Doutta Galla COVID-19

2 September 2021

Dear Resident, Families and Friends,

On Friday 27 August 2021, a second COVID19 testing round was undertaken at the Harmony Village for residents and staff.  I am pleased to advise that all tests have returned a negative result, and the clearances for staff that we have been waiting for have been received.  All residents remain symptom free.  On this basis we will return the Home to COVID-19 safe practices and visitor restrictions in line with DHHS Directions

This means residents will be able to move freely around the home, enjoy meals in the dining room and participate in social and planned activities.  Visitations can occur for end-of-life reasons and in special circumstances.

I would like to thank you for your support as we continue to work together to keep our Harmony Village community COVID-19 safe.

We understand how difficult these lockdowns are for many of you and we want to do all we can to support and facilitate contact with your loved ones.  We will do this by facilitating video calls and window visits where this is possible.  Please contact the home to make a time to have a video call or to set up a window visit.

As you know we have worked successfully with Government sponsored agencies over the past several months to access COVID-19 vaccinations for our residents and staff.  Pleasingly, Harmony Village is well on track to meet the vaccination requirements that the Government expects of aged care providers.  We remind those in the community who are eligible, that getting a vaccination as soon as you can is one of the steps in helping to stop the spread of the virus and opening up access to our Homes.

The Victorian Government provides regular updates to exposure sites, please be aware of these and follow the COVID safe restrictions accordingly.  It is also important to be tested immediately if you have symptoms regardless of how mild. Other safe measures are to wear a mask when required, maintain social distancing and continue to practice hand hygiene.

If you or your family would like more support during this difficult time, please reach out to OPAN (Older Persons Advisory Network) on 1800 237 981.  They are available 6am-10pm, 7 days a week.  The other organisation that can assist you is Elder Rights Advocacy Victoria who can be reached on 1800 171 866 for support and advice.

Please contact the Home on 03 5831 7921 if you have any questions or concerns.  In addition, you are welcome to contact us via the email address

Yours sincerely,

Vanda Iaconese