The Government’s billion-dollar aged care cut will have a huge impact on our frail and vulnerable in the community.

The Australian Government recently announced a $1.6 billion cut to the aged care sector in the 2016–17 budget. This recent cut joins the $3.1 billion cuts that have already been made to aged care since 2014.

We want to reverse the cuts and are standing together with ACSA (Aged & Community Services Australia) and LASA (Leading Aged Services Australia) in the fight to protect our most vulnerable society members, our elderly loved ones.

How does the Aged Care Cuts Affect us?

The government’s decision on the funding cuts affect the Changes to scores and eligibility requirements for certain Complex Health Care procedures which will impact the aged care industry, nationally.

  • As a not for profit organisation, this change will affect us however we have an unwavering commitment to our residents and their families but also to our most valuable asset, our staff.
  • Our aim is to maintain quality of care for your family and we will do everything in our power to strengthen opportunities and operate as efficiently and effectively to lessen the impact.
  • Doutta Galla aims to continue to serve our Mission in the community throughout this unexpected change To provide access to residential aged care and service options which are affordable and inclusive of people with diverse experiences and backgrounds

How you can help?

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