Doutta Galla COVID-19

04 June 2021

Dear ILU Resident,

We are pleased to see that the COVID safe settings have been updated for regional Victoria as of 11.59 pm on 3rd June 2021. This will allow our ILU residents to resume some of their usual activities. There are no restrictions on the reasons to leave your home, however the Victorian Government has emphasised the importance of staying COVID safe which includes no public gatherings indoors.

However, ILU residents are permitted to gather outdoors in a public place in a group of up to 10 people.  Even though you are unable to use the Community Room at this time, you can now use the BBQ area (weather permitting). Please remember if you do use the BBQ area, you will need to wear a face mask if you cannot maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m.

Unfortunately for the regional aged care homes, there has not been a change to the COVID Safe Settings and as such our Harmony Village home continues to have visitor restrictions.

Our first priority is for the safety and protection of all of our residents living in our home. Keeping them safe from this virus is paramount. In keeping with the Victorian Government advice and COVID safe settings the current aged care restrictions will need to continue to apply to our ILU residents accessing the home.

Please take care and wear a mask when required, maintain social distancing, and continue to practice hand hygiene.  The events of the past week are another reminder that this pandemic continues to remain with us for the foreseeable future. We urge you to follow carefully the regional COVID safe restrictions announced yesterday and remind those who are eligible that vaccination is one of the key steps in helping to stop the spread of the virus.

If you have queries or questions, you are welcome to call Sandy at Harmony Village on          03 5831 7921.

Also, I would like to let you know that all my general communications, are available on the Doutta Galla website at and can be accessed at any time.

If you or your family would like more support during this time, please reach out to OPAN (Older Persons Advisory Network) on 1800 237 981.  They are available 6am-10pm, 7 days a week.  The other organisation that can assist you is Elder Rights Advocacy Victoria who can be reached on 1800 171 866 for support and advice.

Yours sincerely,

Vanda Iaconese