Strategic Plan

25 Years Servicing our community – Our future strategic plan

In keeping with our mission and values, our current strategic plan for the future focuses on six key areas including:

  • The needs, choices and values of the residents, carers and families that we serve
  • The governance and leadership capability of the organisation
  • Our people – our workforce and partnerships with other organisations
  • The services that we offer to older people and individuals with disability
  • Our financial sustainability to continue our mission and purpose
  • Our systems and processes that support everything that we do

Our Mission is to be the most effective provider of responsive, high quality aged care and accommodation services to elderly people with diverse socio economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Our Values are:


  • we help each other
  • we treat other people as we expect to be treated
  • we recognise that happy people are effective people
  • we respect and invest in personal development

Responsive Care

  • we listen and respond to the individual needs of residents and their families
  • we think ahead, making sure we have done all we can to prepare for change
  • customer service, compassion and empathy are essential to our roles


  • we meet the targets we set ourselves as a team
  • we are accountable for our actions
  • we fulfil the terms set out in our job descriptions

Continuous Improvement

  • we always look for ways to do things better
  • we acknowledge when we have made a mistake and work together, as a team, to make sure it doesn’t happen again
  • we acknowledge and reward people who go the extra mile


  • we form supportive working relationships, making everyone’s job easier
  • we look beyond facilities, working as an organisation
  • we connect with local communities to make a difference.