This Sunday, 7th August 2022 is Aged Care Employee Day

It takes a special person to work in aged care, and our dedicated carers, nurses, and support staff and volunteers make a difference every day – not only to Doutta Galla residents and clients but to the wider Doutta Galla community. Everyday you ensure that residents, clients and their families know that their loved ones are safe, respected and living their best life.

I am constantly reminded in different ways of the incredible team that makes up the Doutta Galla community. I am grateful for your commitment, care and dedication – even more so after the last two and a half years facing the challenges of Covid-19. I thank and celebrate you on this day and am incredibly proud to be your CEO.

Message from Scott Chapman, Chair of Doutta Galla Aged Services
On behalf of the Doutta Galla Board, I would also like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all Doutta Galla staff and volunteers. Our Organisation has a long history of providing care and support in the western suburbs of Melbourne and in Shepparton. We are committed to our mission and to providing the best care we can to enrich the lives of our seniors everyday. You make this happen and for that the Board of Doutta Galla are truly grateful. #ThanksforCaring.

Please accept my heartfelt thankyou, enjoy the celebration and service acknowledgement events and know that you are appreciated on Aged Care Employee Day and every day.

Kind Regards
Vanda Iaconese
Chief Executive Officer
Doutta Galla Aged Services Ltd

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