Grantham Green

Surrounded by green open spaces, Doutta Galla Grantham Green offers residential and respite care close to the town centre.

Doutta Galla Grantham Green located in the centre of St Albans, surrounded by parklands and close to the local community centre, Grantham Green is perfectly positioned. Residents are never far from community facilities, family and friends.

Grantham Green residents run their own choir, and are often busy with rehearsals for performances at home as well as in the community. (You can see the choir in action at Doutta Galla’s Showtime Gala.) Together with our Lifestyle Program, there’s plenty to choose from for those who seek activity.

There are also plenty of quiet places – sunny lounge rooms and leafy courtyards – for reading, conversation and reflection. Bedrooms are private – not shared – and can Grantham Greenbe decorated to suit your taste. Every room has an en suite bathroom and a big window for natural light.

Many residents have lived in the area for a long time, and enjoy being able to maintain their connections to the local community. We are pleased to be home to people from many different cultures, and value the diversity this brings to our lives.