Our Living Well Foundation

Doutta Galla raises money for essential equipment, facilities and programs through the Doutta Galla Living Well Foundation. The Foundation is our charity arm and assists the organisation to improve the health and care needs and quality of life for our residents.

Doutta Galla is a not for profit, community based, independent organisation that for over twenty five years has been providing residential aged care and seniors accommodation to older people regardless of their socioeconomic, ethinic or religious backgrounds.

Why do we need to raise money?

The Foundation is of vital importance to Doutta Galla as it enables the organisation to care for people who require our help by:

  • Purchasing aged care specific equipment such as special beds for people with dementia, hoists and lifting machines, Princess Chairs
  • Upgrading or building new
  • Introducing new medical technology
  • Introducing innovative programs, services and initiatives. For example Creative Arts program, Development of sensory therapeutic gardens, Dementia resources and sensory aids.

How can you support the Doutta Galla Living Well Foundation?

Your support will improve the lives of older people, and help Doutta Galla continue its work into the future.

Why do we need to raise money?

We do good.

We provide superior care to anyone who needs it – regardless of their ability to pay.

Nearly half of Doutta Galla’s approximately 500 aged care residents are in concessional or fully supported places. That means these residents have been assessed as having little or no income or assets.

We are proud to provide twice as many concessional or fully supported places as the regional ratio.

Before 1 July 2014, fully supported residents did not pay an accommodation bond. An accommodation bond works like a loan to aged care providers, who use the income from investing bonds to improve accommodation and services.

Because we offer so many fully supported places, we receive comparatively little income from accommodation bonds.

We know, too, that demand for aged care places in Victoria will soon outstrip supply.

By 2050, at least 213 000 older people will not be able to access the residential care they need (Access Economics, 2011). Without organisations like Doutta Galla, our vulnerable elders will have poor choices ahead.

If we act now, we can ensure that all Victorians can access the care they need, when they need it.

That means we must fundraise to meet our goal of providing superior care to everyone who needs it – regardless of their ability to pay.

We can do better.

Doutta Galla has an audacious vision of residential care. We see a future of great options for older people, deep community connections, advanced clinical care, and a society where age and ability are no barriers to health and happiness.

That means we must fundraise to invest in research and education, to adopt world’s best practice, and to support the strategic development of our vision of better care for all.