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As a not for profit organisation we believe that our values not only apply to our residents and their families but also to our staff. We consider our employees to be the most valuable asset that the organisation has and they are the key to our organisation delivering the best possible customer service to our residents.

Working with Doutta Galla is not just about having a job to go to. Working with us is about having a job that is meaningful and rewarding – one that gives back to our communities – one that lets you know every day that all the small things you do at work are truly important and valued.

Many organisations talk about ‘valuing their employees’. At Doutta Galla we don’t rely on talking about it – we know that we have to live it. We believe that valuing employees must shine through everything that we do – it must be an integral part of all of our organisational policies and procedures. It must show in our communications and behaviour and in our decision making.

You will see it lived by how we manage the remuneration of our staff. By how we actively support our employees through illness and injury, regardless of whether the injury or illness is work related or not. How we identify leadership potential and actively support talent by creating career opportunities for our staff. How we partner with training organisations to ensure that youth in our communities have opportunities to gain skills in the workplace.How we support mum’s returning to the workforce; or those that want to start a new career later in life; or new immigrants to Australia enter into the workforce.

And in living it we also know that our standards and expectations of behaviour must be high. We refuse to compromise on that. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that is unethical or unprofessional including bullying and harassment, discrimination, bad behaviour, poor work ethic, poor customer service, unsafe behaviour or plain and simple disrespectful behaviour. We cannot guarantee that everyone at all times will behave the way that we want or expect them to. But we will and do promise that if we see unethical or unprofessional behaviour we will take immediate action to deal with it.

The benefits of working with us don’t stop there. As a not for profit charity our employees have access to salary packaging opportunities that can help make every dollar you earn go that little bit further. Our employees also have access to an extensive range of learning programs and our casual bank affords opportunities for staff to maximise their earning capacity by working across multiple sites.

We think that we are a great organisation to work for and more importantly to work with.

So what are you waiting for? Start your career with Doutta Galla now:

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