Doutta Galla COVID-19

 17 July 2020 

Dear Residents, Families and Friends 

As of this afternoon, I can confirm that we have received ‘negative test results’ for 97% of the test that was undertaken yesterday (Thursday 16 July) at Footscray Aged Care Home. 

This is wonderful news and we are hopeful that the remaining results will also be negative. 

Although we are in a dynamic environment, at the time of writing this update to you, no residents who have been tested have returned a positive result, and except for the one original staff member, no other staff member has tested positive. Fortunately, we have not seen the spread of the disease into our home and staff will continue to wear full Personal Protective Equipment when attending to residents. As far as is possible, residents will continue to receive services in their room. This will continue until the home receives full clearance by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Public Health Unit. 

In the case of a resident or further staff member testing positive to COVID-19, we will, activate the next level of our emergency response plan, however at this stage there is no indication that this will be required. 

We are monitoring the health and wellbeing of all residents and until we have been fully ‘cleared’ by DHHS we will continue to restrict non-essential visits. If a resident requires special visits on compassionate grounds or for special circumstances, this can be discussed with you personally. We will continue to facilitate telephone, Skype and FaceTime calls. As further support to you we have invited a representative from Elder Rights Victoria to meet with residents next week. 

We will advise you immediately of any changes to your family member’s health status, however if you have an enquiry or concern about your family member, please call Footscray Aged Care Home. In addition, we have set up an email address where you can send any questions, comments or concerns related to COVID-19. 

The email address is: 

I ask you all to follow the new 6 weeks ‘stay at home’ State directives, particularly if you are in a COVID-19 hotspot. We want to you to stay safe too. 

We will keep in touch on a regular basis to inform you of any changes to the situation. Thank you for your support during this challenging time. 

Yours sincerely, 

Vanda Iaconese

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