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However you say it, you’re welcome at Doutta Galla Aged Services. Our welcome extends not only to our residents, clients and their families but also to our employees, volunteers and students.  

Our employees are at the very core of our success. They are the most valuable asset in our organisation. We care about their professional development and wellbeing and we know this will mean our residents, clients and their families benefit by receiving the best possible care.

Our employees are the core of our organisation’s success

We want to recruit the best talent we can find so our recruitment process is thorough and professional. We make no apologies for that. You know that if you get a job with Doutta Galla, you are one of the best candidates in aged care.

As a not for profit charity our employees have access to salary packaging opportunities that can help make every dollar earned go that little bit further. Further information about salary packaging can be found here.

We’re a great organisation to work for and more importantly to work with.  So what are you waiting for? Start your career with Doutta Galla now!


Our volunteers are an important and valued part of Doutta Galla Aged Services. They bring passion, knowledge, friendship, a variety of skills, and add colour and warmth to the lives of our residents. Doutta Galla volunteers develop meaningful relationships with older people and help to keep them connected to their communities. Being an aged care volunteer is life changing!

For those who want to make a difference to our residents life, but are unable to physically come into the home, you can volunteer through our Friendship Calling Program which connects our residents with volunteers over the phone or video call.

Student placement with us

Doutta Galla Aged Services is known as a leader in student placement services in Western Metro Melbourne and we welcome students from a wide variety of study streams.  By partnering with a range of universities, TAFEs and registered training organisations such as Victoria University, Holmesglen and AMES Australia, the organisation is able to maintain a high standard of care and support to the students.  The relationships formed between staff, students and residents results in many of the students applying for ongoing employment with Doutta Galla.

Doutta Galla not only welcomes students studying Aged Care and Individualised support, but also extends the opportunity for placement to other streams including social work, hospitality, allied health, human resources, leisure & health and community services. Qualifications range from Cert III to Masters.

Please speak with your Registered Training Organisation’s placement coordinator to see if you are eligible for a placement with us. To ensure we can efficiently manage the high number of placement requests, individual discussions are unfortunately not available.

Social Work Student Placement Success Stories:

Given autonomy to practice the skills gained from their course whilst incorporating their own passion, a music program was introduced by a social work student who could see the benefit music offers our residents.  He gained residents trust and built strong bonds by bringing in his bongos and guitar.  We saw residents who would normally stay in their room come out to be involved in the program and engage in a way they hadn’t before.

Other social work students liaised closely with our staff, to ensure they were looking after themselves.  A self care plan was created and has since been implemented within our orientation program for staff, students and volunteers.

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