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Diversity at Doutta Galla

We pride ourselves on cultural diversity and inclusion

Doutta Galla Aged Services was founded to cater for Victoria’s diverse communities. We pride ourselves on cultural diversity and inclusion. We know that culture, faith, food and language matter. They’re a part of you and always will be.

Cultural diversity embraces nationality, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual preference and age. Your mental and physical health matter, so does your life experience and way of thinking.


Over 40% of our residents speak other languages: Chinese, Croatian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese and more. Over half of our employees speak other languages in addition to English.

In our larger residences, you’ll find library books, information sheets, and activity calendars in languages other than English. We also provide social activities and outings in other languages.

Qualified interpreters can be arranged for family meetings, care conferences and other meetings in all residences.


All meals are prepared on-site by qualified chefs using the freshest ingredients, and food preferences are happily accommodated.

Faith and Spirit

Doutta Galla is non-denominational and we welcome all faiths. Every residence has a spiritual retreat, open to residents, families and their spiritual advisors.


Cultural celebrations, national days, festivals and feasts are an important part of our Lifestyle calendar. Cultural community groups, language groups and entertainers regularly visit our facilities to perform and socialise. Our lifestyle program is driven by resident choice and supported by qualified staff.

Wherever you were born, and however you choose to live, Doutta Galla welcomes you.

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