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Our Guide to Accessing Residential Aged Care

Are you or a loved one considering Residential Aged Care? Doutta Galla is here to help you navigate the process. This simple guide outlines the six key steps involved in securing a place in an aged care home, ensuring a smooth transition for all involved.

Step 1: Arrange a My Aged Care Assessment

To access services such as residential care, a My Aged Care Referral Code is required. My Aged Care is an Australian Government service that helps individuals understand and receive the aged care services available to them. This referral code provides essential information about the individual’s care needs.

How to arrange the assessment: To request an assessment, call My Aged Care at 1800 200 422. Alternatively, you can arrange the assessment through a General Practitioner (GP), at the hospital or Doutta Galla’s Admission Team.

The My Aged Care portal is a useful tool for finding an aged care home that meets specific needs.

When first contacting Doutta Galla, you will need to provide key information, including the My Aged Care Referral Code. This code allows the Doutta Galla team to access clinical information about the individual’s care needs and assess whether they can provide the appropriate care.

A tour is an essential step to see if the aged care home is suitable.

First, Doutta Galla will confirm if they have the capacity to provide care. If they do, they will arrange a tour for you. During the tour, they will show you around the home, including the rooms, activities, meals, and more. This is your chance to ask any questions about the care and living arrangements. If you decide to proceed, Doutta Galla will provide additional details and review the application forms with you.

To officially apply for a place in the aged care home, the application process needs to be completed.

You will need to fill out and return the application forms along with any required documents. If you are applying for residential care, arrange a means test through Services Australia by calling 1800 227 475. This test determines the cost of care. Once all necessary forms and documents are received, Doutta Galla will process the application.

Approval is required to secure a place in the aged care home.

Doutta Galla will confirm if a room is available or place the individual on the waitlist if there are no current vacancies. They will coordinate with social workers and their internal team to prepare for admission. They will contact you to confirm the next steps and the move-in date. Agreements will be issued for signing to finalise the admission process.

Move-in day is when the individual will be welcomed into their new home, and all details will be finalised.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance at any step, Doutta Galla is available to support you throughout the process.

Doutta Galla is committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout your aged care journey. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get started!

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Aged Care Assessment Services

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We endeavour to keep our community up to date with useful information and resources. The following information and links to affiliate organisations may be helpful in further researching aged care options and services.

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