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Edward Garcia’s Footscray Success Story

July 11, 2024

Edward fronting up for our Footscray Home.

Edward Garcia, Resident Services Manager at our Footscray Home, brings a wealth of experience to his role. Since arriving in Australia from the Philippines in 2007, Edward has steadily progressed in aged care, from Care Coordinator to his current position. His commitment to resident well-being and staff satisfaction is evident in his leadership of the Footscray Home.

Addressing Challenges, Achieving Results

When Edward arrived at Footscray in 2023, he encountered challenges such as low occupancy and compliance issues. However, his dedication and collaborative approach led to significant improvements. He credits the supportive staff and strong leadership team for their contributions to the facility’s success.

Communication is Key

Edward prioritises open communication. “We have daily meetings,” Edward explains, “to ensure all departments are on the same page. Regular updates are also provided to families to keep them informed.” This commitment to transparency extends to the staff. “Staff appreciate reading memos and updates,” Edward says. It’s clear that Edward values his team, and they value him in return.

Resident-Centred Care

Empowering residents is a priority at Footscray. The “My Voice Matters” group thrives under Edward’s guidance. “This resident-led group is very active,” Edward says. “They take charge of the committee’s activities.” This resident-centred approach extends to tours of the facility. “Resident testimonials during tours can provide valuable insights,” Edward believes.

A Welcoming Environment

The physical environment at Footscray has improved. “Regular cleaning audits ensure a clean space,” Edward acknowledges, “and we value resident feedback.” The focus extends beyond the physical. “The lifestyle team offers a variety of activities catering to diverse cultural backgrounds,” Edward explains. “We even partner with schools for student performances.” The food is another highlight. “Our chef is highly regarded,” Edward says. “We have regular meetings to ensure we cater to each resident’s needs.”

Choosing Footscray

For those considering aged care, Doutta Galla Footscray offers quality care in a welcoming environment. The focus on open communication, resident empowerment, and resident well-being makes Footscray a strong choice. As Edward Garcia himself says, “We consistently receive positive feedback about the care, food, activities, and overall lifestyle we offer.”

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Edward Garcia’s Footscray Success Story

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