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In My Shoes: Kirstin Fox

July 11, 2024

Members of Doutta Galla’s Board share their personal journeys in our new series, “In My Shoes.” Through these articles, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of our Board as they navigate the aged care system as caregivers and family. 

Navigating the Path to Aged Care

In the heart of every decision lies a story—a tale of devotion, resilience, and the pursuit of what’s best for our loved ones. For Kirstin Fox, Doutta Galla Board Member, these stories form the fabric of her career, shaping her approach to guiding families through the delicate journey of transitioning loved ones into aged care.

Kirstin with residents of Footscray Home
A Career Built on Caring

With experience as a registered nurse and seasoned aged care services manager in both community and residential aged care settings, Kirstin’s expertise is imbued with empathy and understanding, bringing a unique blend of clinical insight and managerial skill to the table.

Reflecting on her experiences, Kirstin shares the moving narratives of two distinct scenarios that have crossed her path. In one instance, an aunt’s sudden health crisis catapulted a family into the realm of residential care, leaving little time for deliberation. In contrast, a gradual decline in health for another family member prompted a thoughtful process of assessment and decision-making, underscoring the importance of engaging with healthcare professionals and assessment teams.

Checking Your Emotions

Amongst the clinical considerations and logistical challenges, Kirstin is quick to acknowledge the emotional weight that accompanies the transition to aged care. With the grace of someone who has borne witness to countless journeys, she speaks of a sense of loss and adjustment that families experience. She also highlights patience and open communication as essential pillars of support during these trying times.

Kirstin at her Ambassador Home Footscray
Advocate for Quality

When it comes to selecting the right aged care facility, Kirstin’s guidance is firm. From proximity to family and tailored lifestyle programs to the quality of care and cleanliness, she recommends a meticulous approach that prioritises the individual’s needs and preferences. Drawing on her expertise, she empowers families to ask questions and advocate for their loved ones’ well-being.

As Kirstin reflects on her role in the aged care landscape, she offers invaluable insights and advice for families embarking on similar journeys. With a steadfast commitment to quality care, she emphasizes the importance of prioritising the social environment within aged care facilities and leveraging support from healthcare professionals.

In the end, Kirstin’s story is not just one of professional expertise, but of human connection—a testament to the impact that compassion and understanding can have on the journey to aged care.

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