Doutta Galla Queens Park Myki Promotion

Terms and Conditions

  1. The $1,000.00 myki money promotion (“Myki Offer”) relates to the acquisition of a unit (“Unit”) at the Doutta Galla Queens Park Retirement Village (“Queens Park”).  Queens Park is owned and operated by Doutta Galla Aged Services Ltd ABN 96 088 097 929 (“Doutta Galla”).
  2. You may choose not to participate in the Myki Offer by notifying us at any time.  If you do not notify us and you qualify for the Myki Offer or the Myki Bonus (as described below), you will be deemed to be a participant in the Myki Offer and to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  3. To qualify for the Myki Offer, you must sign a contract for the acquisition of a Unit, in the form required by Doutta Galla, on or before 31 March 2024 and must complete the acquisition of the Unit in accordance with that contract.  Doutta Galla may choose to extend the date applicable to the Myki Offer as its sole discretion.
  4. Only one person may qualify for the Myki Offer in respect of a Unit.  Where two persons acquire a Unit, they must nominate one of them as the person who qualifies for the Myki Offer, provided that, Doutta Galla may (but is not obliged to) consider a request to vary these arrangements to enable both persons to share the benefits of the Myki Offer. 
  5. If you qualify for the Myki Offer, you will be entitled to receive $1,000.00 of ‘myki Money’ for use in association with a ‘myki card’.  You must have or create an account and register a myki card via the system operated by Public Transport Victoria (“PTV”).  Any myki account, myki card, myki Money or use of the system operated by PTV will be subject to any and all applicable  laws and to any and all terms and conditions imposed by PTV and other parties associated with the public transport system in respect thereof.  You acknowledge and agree that you will need to accept and comply with all such laws and terms and conditions in order to receive the benefits of, and to utilise, the Myki Offer and the Myki Bonus (as described below).  Descriptions of these terms, the myki system and the applicable terms and conditions can be found at
  6. If you are entitled to receive $1,000.00 of myki Money (‘Myki Bonus’), you must provide all information, access and assistance required by Doutta Galla to enable it to transfer $1,000.00 to your myki account so that it becomes a credit for use via that account and an associated myki card.  Any fees incurred by Doutta Galla in completing that transfer (including processing, account establishment fees or credit card fees) will be deducted from the $1,000.00 amount so that the final amount of myki Money credited to your myki account may be less than $1,000.00. 
  7. If there is any change to the myki system operated by PTV, Doutta Galla may, in lieu of providing the Myki Bonus, provide a benefit similar in value and in nature to the Myki Bonus.
  8. The Myki Offer and the Myki Bonus may not be redeemed in cash or in any form other than as detailed in these terms and conditions.  The Myki Offer and the Myki Bonus may only be redeemed by the qualifying participant referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4 and may not be redeemed by, or transferred or assigned to, any other person.
  9. Subject to your compliance with these terms and conditions, the Myki Bonus will be provided to you within 21 days of completion of the acquisition of a Unit.
  10. Any personal information you provide in relation to the Myki Offer will be held, used and disclosed only for the purposes of the Myki Offer or for purposes associated with your acquisition of the Unit and your residency at Queens Park.
  11. Save for the obligation to provide the Myki Bonus as detailed in these terms and conditions, Doutta Galla will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any other person arising out of the Myki Offer or the Myki Bonus.  Doutta Galla’s obligations in relation to the Myki Offer and Myki Bonus will be deemed to be fully discharged upon providing the Myki Bonus in the manner contemplated by paragraphs 6 and 7.   Doutta Galla does not operate the Myki system or the public transport system in respect of which it operates and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the operation of, or your use of, those systems of any act or omission of PTV or any other third party.  You release and discharge Doutta Galla from and in respect of all such responsibility, liability, loss or damage.

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