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International Volunteer Week: Shining Star Sandra

July 11, 2024

Volunteer Sandra at Yarraville Village

Volunteer Sandra: A Shining Star of Doutta Galla

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week, running from 20 to 26 May, is the perfect time to celebrate the invaluable contributions of volunteers like Sandra Allan at Doutta Galla Aged Services. This special occasion shines a spotlight on the essential role volunteers play in our communities, enriching lives and fostering a sense of unity. The theme for this year, “Something for Everyone,” captures the diverse passions and talents that volunteers bring to their roles.

Sandra’s Path to Volunteering

Sandra’s journey into volunteering began after a fulfilling 20-year career in aged care, where she worked as a cook and pursued a lifestyle certificate at St Vincent de Paul, dedicating 15 years to lifestyle activities. “I just love the residents,” Sandra shares. “Working in aged care is a job that you have to love. You shouldn’t just go there for the pay. It’s beautiful.” Following her retirement, Sandra chose to continue her engagement in aged care through volunteering. “I thought rather than do nothing, I’d volunteer,” she explains. Her work connection with Melissa, a Lifestyle Coordinator at Doutta Galla’s Yarraville Village Home, played a pivotal role in her decision to join the team three years ago. “I followed her because she was so good to work with.”

The Joy of Volunteering

A group of aged care residents in a craft session led by a volunteer
A craft session busy at work

Sandra finds immense joy in the simple yet profound interactions with the residents. “When they see you, their eyes light up,” she says. Her activities include crafting, making wreaths for Anzac Day, and creating Christmas decorations. These moments of creativity and connection are deeply fulfilling for Sandra. Volunteering at Doutta Galla, like Sandra’s efforts, exemplifies the extraordinary impact volunteers have. Her advice to potential volunteers is heartfelt: “Give it a go. To be with the residents is just amazing. I enjoy coming, and you feel so that you’ve done a great job after you’ve walked out and everyone’s been smiling.”

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International Volunteer Week: Shining Star Sandra

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